Thursday, January 26, 2006

Looking ahead to 2008

Though Democrats need to keep their eye on the prize and focus on the 2006 congressional elections for now, it certainly isn't too early to speculate upon whom to pass the mantle of presidential nominee from Kerry. Strategically speaking, I do not see Hillary or Kerry adding much in terms of electoral expansion, but either of these candidates could squeek by with a win. If expanding the electoral possibilities, appealing to rural voters, and fielding a red state candidate is important (and it is), then I think that Wesley Clark, John Edwards, or Mark Warner should receive serious consideration. In a post 9/11 age, one would think that Clark, a former supreme allied commander for NATO, would be the natural choice, especially since Edward and Warner have less foreign policy experience. But, since much of the nation's gaze has returned to domestic concerns since Katrina, a superb manager of the Old Dominion such as Warner -- Virginia has been rated the best-managed state in the union -- could have some momentum in the primaries. Of the three, Warner currently has the biggest grassroots movement to nominate him, at least from my judgment of net activism. Edwards, well, is incredily likable, even to moderates despite his rather liberal record; I could see him doing very well in red states, winning all of the debates, and being a very formidable candidate. Now if only the Republicans don't nominate Guiliani or McCain...


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