Friday, August 04, 2006

Rich Sexton for U.S. Congress

New Jersey's 3rd district, which includes my neighboring Cherry Hill, absolutely needs Rich Sexton as its next congressman. The incumbent, Jim Saxton, is connected to the well-oiled K Street lobbying regime in Washington, unabashedly supports the Iraq invasion and the war on terror, has repeatedly voted against stem cell funding, and is simply out of touch with the majority of New Jerseyans. Sexton, on the other hand, would be a fresh, progressive voice in Washington, and his service in the U.S. Navy makes him a much more powerful voice on foreign policy than Saxton. On the federal level, he would restore necessary funding for secondary and college education, fight for universal health care, and promote a sane foreign policy. Let's get behind Sexton's efforts!


For more information on Saxton's trail of questionable connections, including Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, see the following information page:


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