Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Jersey Assembly: Reelecting Albano and Milam

Over in New Jersey's First legislative district, there are two Assemblyman who merit reelection, Matt Milam and Nelson Albano. Both represent what has traditionally been a Republican district, that is, Cape May county. But by having a progressive-centrist message and by having the juggernaut that is Sen. Jeff Van Drew at the top of the ticket, they both have been elected to the assembly multiple times. Over at PolitickerNJ, the latest assembly rankings have both Albano and Milam at "Leans Democratic," just a smidge above the "toss up" rank.

Milam and Albano are responsive, smart legislators who respond to local Cape May issues, such as illegal dumping on state beaches and money for rural police patrols. They are pro-environment and generally vote with the Democratic majority on the important bills, including backing affordable housing for the state's most impoverished residents. For this and many other reasons, I am compelled to think that Albano and Milam deserve reelection in 2009 and encourage other Democrats and Independents (even moderate Republicans) to volunteer and support their re-election bid.


At 8:53 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Milam and Albano are responsive, smart legislators great and it should be maintained!!
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