Friday, November 03, 2006

It's Happening

What is happening in New Jersey is a microcosm of what is going on across the great country of America: Democrats are mobilizing like never before to defeat Republicans in record numbers, and return this country to domestic and international sanity. The failed policies of the Bush administration have doomed this country for six years, and the Blue Revolution is just beginning. Districts where Dems usually have no business of winning -- Pa.'s Republican-leaning suburbs, Idaho's congressional seat, N.J.'s gerrymandered 7th-district, Indiana's congressional races -- are now going blue, and the country knows that a change is necessary.

I have felt tremendous hope in these last few days of the 2006 midterms, from hearing Barack Obama speak in Philadelphia to meeting Bob Menendez, someone I hold in high regard, to supporting the race of grassroots Democratic candidate Rich Sexton. Our country deserves a health care system that works, greater opportunities for education, a plan to return our troops from the awful war in Iraq, and a counterbalance to the Bush administration's sequestering of power into the executive branch. On November 7th, the day of change for this country, long overdue, will begin in earnest.


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