Friday, February 16, 2007

Hold Republicans Accountable

The 109th Congress, which will hopefully be the last Congress ever under Republican control, was a complete and unmitigated disaster. From tax breaks to record-profiting oil companies to blindly supporting Pres. Bush's feckless policies to ignoring a mounting health care crises in this country, the Republican power brokers proved that they cannot be trusted with governing this country. Of course, the K Street lobbyists had their influence upon legislation via quid pro quo support from Republicans such as Tom DeLay, Rick Santorum and others. It is not hyperbolic to say that the Republican congress threatened many of the hallmarks of representative democracy with their abuse of power.

The checks and balances are finally in place, since Democrats rightly took over both the House and Senate, but so many redresses were committed against this country and its citizens that something else needs to be done. I encourage Rep. Henry Waxman and other committee members to hold investigations, levy subpoenas, and hold accountable all of the transgressions committed by the former Republican congress.

A joint publication from the conservative American Enterprise Institute and the liberal Brookings Institution, The Broken Branch details the failings of the last congress in crafting laws and unquestioningly following the president, among other topics.


At 2:28 PM, Blogger Libtweaker said...

What a good idea! Lets hold the republicans accountable, while we let the democrats in New Jersey spend us into oblivion.

This guy is a blind, loyal leftist moron!


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