Monday, June 04, 2007

Ending the Death Penalty in N.J. and the U.S.

If a recent report from an independent commission (The New Jersey Death Penalty Study Commission) in N.J. is adhered to, then my adopted state will be the first in the nation to abolish the death penalty completely. "There is increasing evidence that the death penalty is inconsistent with evolving standards of decency," the report said. Gov. Jon Corzine supports the initiative, as do several Democrats in the senate and assembly. Already, senate Republicans have tried to do their scare tactics and accused Democrats of being easy on terrorists or murderers, but this tactic is wearing thin. "It is beyond reprehensible that they are even proposing that cop killers, child rapists and murderers and terrorists will not face the ultimate punishment if they commit their crimes in New Jersey," said Sen. Nicholas Asselta, R-Cumberland.

Since we can point to specific cases (Rhode Island, etc.) where innocent people were murdered after they were put on death row, this alone is a primary reason to abolish this draconian form of punishment. A recent study of death by injection found that some prisoners experience excruciating pain while still conscious during this particular method of killing. Further, the Commission found that the death penalty was not a deterrent to crime, and it cost more to keep as functioning mechanism than it was worth, though the death penalty, if I’m not mistaken, hasn’t been used in N.J. since the 1960s.

The state Supreme Court is rather liberal, the governor is behind this, and the people of N.J. may be warming up to the idea of abolishing it. I strongly encourage state officials to help end this outdated practice of punishment and to move forward with the rest of the first-world countries who have stopped this dreadful practice.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Liberal's Nightmare said...

Save the sinner, kill the innocent. Martin, that's Jewish right? As an educator I hope your intelligent enough to understand the meaning. Could you at least blog about your concern for saving the unborn? Will you be able to leave out the "Right To Choose" argument, and focus on the innocent life that is being terminated, just as you defend the rights of the condemned? Do you respect all life like I do, (even a sinners), or is abortion just another way for you to unleash your well known hatred of all things Republican? Are you in favor of Partial Birth Abortion? Can you break away from your party's position on those two topics? Just to be clear, I rather see them rot in jail then be put to death with my tax dollars. Similarly, I don't want my tax dollars paying to end the life of the innocent unborn either. I think I'm going to like debating you Mr. Martin. We are both alike in many ways. We both are no holds barred when it comes to defending what we believe in. This should make for some very interesting discussions. Let the debates begin! Oh by the way, let me know when you right that blog, o.k.? threenationhater@aol.com


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