Thursday, September 20, 2007

John Adler for U.S. Congress, NJ-District 3

My state senator, John Adler, is going to take on perhaps the biggest challenge of his political career: deadweight Republican incumbent John Saxton in NJ District 3. Saxton has built his reputation on helping save Ft. Dix and Ft. Monmouth from being eliminated as military bases; while Saxton certainly should receive some credit in that regard, it is the men and women of the U.S. military who really deserve the credit. A closer look at Saxton's record reveals him to be a Bush loyalist when it comes to foreign policy; he refuses to even question the president's failed policies in Iraq and continues mistakenly to think we are fighting al Queda in Iraq rather than policing a civil war. Further, his campaign contributions have come from the most sketch sources, from Jack Abramoff to Tom DeLay to Halliburton; there isn't a better prop for special interests groups than Congressman Saxton.

In stark contrast to the pro-life, anti-science, anti-stem cells funding Saxton is state senator Adler, whose work for creating healthy, smoke free environments, property tax reform, and open space preservation has made him one of the most respected state legislators in Trenton. As Chair of the senate judiciary committee and an ethics committee member, Adler has an influential and powerful post in state politics, but his work for his constituents would be better served as a congressman in Washington. Adler has a progressive record on worker rights and has been endorsed by organizations that support a better fiscal and business environment in N.J. I welcome his entry into the race for NJ-03 and can't think of a more qualified and capable individual to represent the district.


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