Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Larry Craig and Republican Hypocrisy

In 2004, we were told by the Republicans that gay marriage was a dire threat to the social order; some, such as escort-seeking La. senator David Vitter, actually went so far as to call it the greatest threat facing the nation. Routinely, Republicans seek to implement anti-gay legislation, from local Republicans Scott Garrett and Rick Santorum to many others, and this form of discrimination under the law is one of several ways that socially conservative Republicans have routinely denied basic rights to gays and lesbians. By socially marginalizing gays and depriving them of basic rights such as the ability to adopt children, certain states and the country overall justifies legally the type of illicit behavior exhibited by Larry Craig.

Craig was your typical conservative Republican on social issues, and his stance on gays and lesbians was totally and utterly hypocritical. Craig had voted against a hate crimes bill that included violent acts committed because of sexual orientation, and he had to long supported and voted for measures that limited marriage legally speak to heterosexuals. The legislation that he supported helped justify homophobia and promote the beliefs of anti-gay groups across the country. Give gays and lesbians full protection and entitlement under the law, and marginalization of gays and lesbians will become more anomalous as equal rights for homosexuals as such change is also initiated on the social level.


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