Friday, October 05, 2007

Re: On PoliticsNJ.com Bloggers Have a Following

Matt Friedman over at politicsnj.com interviewed several bloggers from that site, including yours truly, concerning the role that bloggers have in political campaigns. Friedman focuses on the way that bloggers can influence political campaigns, if they can at all, and what following local N.J. bloggers have cultivated from their postings on the site. On a personal note, I was recognized at the last Democratic fundraiser I attended from my part in politicsnj.com and imagine that campaigns value the type of grassroots activism that comes with blogging, even if they can't control the content.

Politicsnj was working with CNN on the story, and the national media company continues the discussion of the role of blogs within political circles. The CNN article questions what role blogger comments have in presidential campaigns.




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