Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's Time to Legalize Gay Marriage in New Jersey

In 2006, New Jersey passed an important Supreme Court law that sought to procure equal rights for gay and lesbian couples, but the civil unions law hasn't fulfilled that specific edict. Garden State Equality has posted a new website (http://www.civilunionsdontwork.com/) that documents the failings of the current civil union law, and the testimony from same-sex couples is one and the same: the current law has loopholes that companies use to deny basic human rights to gay and lesbian couples. The recent ruling in California that allowed gay marriage should serve as a wake-up call to New Jersey's legislature: We need to recognize full marriage equality for gays and lebians and leave the second-class citizenship to Jim Crow laws of the past. I fully support marriage equality in New Jersey and encourage others to do the same.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Oy! There is so much wrong with the first line of this post . . . although it does correctly portray the legislative Supreme Court in New Jersey.

First, I fully support gay marriage. The civil union stuff was a cop out by the Democrats in the legislature and Governor Corzine. Yes -- New Jersey gays and lesbians were denied gay marriage by the Democrats who instead passed civil unions.

With that said, Supreme Courts don't (or at least shouldn't) pass laws as your post indicates. Instead, they should interpret laws that are already on the books (put there by a duly elected legislature and executive -- it's the heart of the checks-and-balances system).


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