Monday, March 03, 2008

The Flawed GOP Congressional Candidates in NJ-03

The only candidates to step forth for the difficult challenge of facing smart, well-funded Democratic state senator John Adler in New Jersey congressional district 3 are all flawed in their own way. First, there is BurlCO GOP machine-backed candidate Chris Myers, who refused to say how he would have voted on the original Iraq War resolution in his first press conference, has had a lackluster showing in fundraising, and is a social conservative on the issue of a womans right to choose, a position that is fundamentally at odds with the majority of New Jerseyans and voters in district 3. Then there is Ocean County freeholder Jack Kelly, who, besides working closely with GOP powerbroker George Gilmore, is best known for refusing domestic partner benefits to be passed on for a same-sex couple; this was recently covered in the Oscar-winning film 'Freeheld.' A less well-known candidate is Tabernacle Committeeperson Justin Murphy, who, like Myers, also is pro-Iraq War; Murphy, charmingly enough, even wants prayer instituted in public schools.

The fringe-right views of these flawed Republican candidates should become even more apparent as the campaign progresses, and someone emerges to take on Adler. That person is in a difficult position financially and ideologically because Republicans are so far behind in fundraising and because they promote Bush-Cheney foreign and domestic policies as the answer to the country's problems.


At 6:48 AM, Blogger Steve D'Amico said...

Nice Analysis Martin.

BTW, thanks for defending Josh over on PoliticsNJ, drop me an e-mail sometime.

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