Monday, February 11, 2008

Van Drew Running against LoBiondo?

Frank LoBiondo has easily held the congressional seat in NJ house district 2; that could all change with the possible entry of popular Cape May state senator Jeff Van Drew entering the race against LoBiondo. The Atlantic City Press is reporting that Van Drew is now considering running against LoBiondo, who is moderate and bearable on some issues but blindly supports the president when it comes to the failed policies in Iraq and even is anti-earned citizenship for all illegal immigrants.

Van Drew alienated some progressives when he voted against the death penalty abolishment bill in the state legislature, but he has a wide swathe of support along the Southern tip of N.J. As an educator I appreciate Van Drew's work a Cape May community college up and running.

The article lists good reasons for Van Drew to wait for his congressional run, but it also notes that the 2008 election is an historic opportunity for Democrats to make major gains in Congress. Van Drew shold strongly consider running, even if I too have my concerns about him running right after he won an important state senate election.



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