Saturday, July 12, 2008

Will Rural Issues become Part of Political Debate in 2008?

Rural America has been particularly hard hit in the past few decades, with decreasing jobs, lack of vocational and college training, and national priorities that often leave out rural programs. I was particularly pleased when John Edwards proposed a "Rural Recovery Act," which would bring new technologies to rural areas and involve government investment in rural area infrastructure. Growing up in and around Appalachia, I saw firsthand how rural areas have not been able to adjust to the economic times and how rural poverty often goes unnoticed and untreated.

I was pleasantly surprised, though, to read that Obama has a rather extensive "Rural America" Plan to get these parts of the country better footing in today's economy. One of the biggest problems, seemingly, is the way that individual family farms don't qualify for government assistance, but Obama's plan addresses that oversight, and it includes investment in rural education, invest in new communication infrastructures in rural areas, and include training and increased funds for land grant universities, particularly their agricultural departments. Obama's plan, which I haven't even gone into complete detail about, has merit to it, and I hope that his rural America plan results in an economic reversal for this important part of our country.



At 10:42 PM, Blogger A Bitter, Bitter Man :) said...

Hi I just came across your site and wondered if you wouldn't mind linking to my blog, "Bitter White Folks for Obama" - I'm trying to get the working-class, rural, white, Protestant "Appalachian" demographic (and their descendants and diaspora, of which I am one) behind him as much as I am able by sounding off from my own vantage point. From what I've been reading about Obama's "Appalachian Problem", this is going to be an absolutely crucial task for the next two months as it may be them who decide where things go (many of those battleground areas, for instance in eastern Ohio are primarily Appalachian migrants to the North). My biggest obstacle so far is that my blog is not yet showing up in Google even after almost a week of existence because not enough other sites are linked to it yet, although I've already gotten over 400 hits even without that - so would you mind linking to it so that I can start making more of an impact? I'd really appreciate it! I'll link ya
back. Jason.



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