Friday, November 09, 2007

2007: A Good Year for Dems (2008 even better?)

2007 was a year where Democrats nationwide solidified their gains in our increasingly progressive, pro-Democratic country. On a local level, here in New Jersey, Democrats weren't expected to do well; historically speaking, the majority party, with a governor of the same party in power, usually loses seats in the state legislature. This wasn't entirely the case in New Jersey, though Democrats here need to do a better job of stating what it is we stand for.

In the state legislature, Dems gained two seats here in South Jersey, while losing one in a Republican-leaning district in Central Jersey. In the freeholder races, Democrats gained seats in Monmouth and Cumberland counties, respectively. Several mayoral races, unfortunately, did go to Republicans, but this was in Republican-leaning districts. Strangely enough, even though Democrats hold sizable majorities in the senate and assembly in N.J., the editor of politickernj.com saw fit to declare the election a "Republican Victory":

Some of the most encouraging news for Democrats comes out of red states in 2007. Dems not only won the governorship of Kentucky, but they retook the state senate in Virginia for the first time in over a decade! What is happening in my native Virginia at the grassroots level, and because of Gov. Tim Kaine and future senator Mark Warner, is truly astounding, and Democrats continue to make gains here and across the country. It's never been a better time to join the Democratic Party, the party of fiscal responsibility, clean government, environmental protection, and a sane foreign policy.


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