Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Elect John Edwards as President of the Country

With the middle-class squeezed more financially each day, a neverending, illegitimate war in Iraq continuing, and a natural environment that is in crises because of man-made carbon emissions, the country cannot afford another poor president who cannot respond to these crises. Edwards, who has burnished his foreign policy credentials, including serving on a bipartisan Russian commission, traveling to Uganda and Sudan, and meeting world leaders, is the best candidate to address these major problems facing our country, and he should be elected president of the U.S.

For Democrats, Edwards is a candidate who speaks with remarkable candor and clarity on issues, something that Kerry was rightly criticized for not doing in the 2004 presidential contest. Edwards also will defeat any Republican who goes up against him, as shown in poll after poll, presents the opportunity for winning in red states like Kentucky and North Carolina, and would help downticket Democrats win on the national, local and statewide level. Edwards' personal tragedies, including his son's death and Elizabeth's cancer, are things that voters can empathize with and relate that he is a strong, capable person.

With the Iowa caucuses a day away, all of the hard work for Edwards will probably come down to this state and Edwards' possible victory there. With so much emphasis on Iowa and New Hampshire, I sincerely hope that these voters see the wisdom of having Edwards as the Democratic nominee. Our country would be better for it.


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