Friday, January 11, 2008

Adler and Stender Poised to Pick Up Republican Congressional Seats

Here in early 2008, New Jersey Democrats already have reason to be optimistic that two of the best prospects for red-to-blue congressional seats will indeed win in 2008: John Adler and Linda Stender are positioning themselves to win in their respective districts in November. Adler, who is my state senator, recently reported having over $600,000 in campaign cash, while Stender has also reported impressive early numbers.

Republicans are penny-pinched for congressional races in 2008, and the NRCC recently reported only have between $2-$3 million in cash on hand. In these two districts, the top Republican candidates, such as Tom Kean Jr. and Diane Allen, opted out of the race, perhaps because the writing is on the wall concerning how anti-Republican this election will be.

Currently, despite being one of the most liberal states in the country, New Jersey has 6 house seats controlled by Republicans; if Adler and Stender win, that would give New Jersey Democrats 9 house seats to 4 for Republicans, though N.J. stands to lose a congressional seat because of dwindling population numbers. At any rate, I agree with N.J. political reporter Tom Moran when he predicts both of these seats will go Democratic in 2008; both Adler and Stender are high-quality progressive candidates who would represent the state well in Washington.

Update: Congressional Quarterly is now reporting that Alder and Stender are in the top 5 in fundraising and funds available for house seat challengers. Note to DCCC: Go hard after these winnable seats.


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