Thursday, December 14, 2006

John Edwards for President

The Democratic field for 2008 is arguably stacked with high-quality candidates, from retired Gen. Wes Clark, should he decide to run, to high-octane star Barack Obama, to respectable Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, but my allegiance for the presidential race goes to former Sen. John Edwards. Edwards is arguably the most gifted rhetorician and speaker from either party, most Americans, polling reveals, see him as an authentic, likable individual, and he is pro-labor, pro-environment, and anti-war. Edwards has apologized for voting against the original Iraq War Resolution, and I take him at his word there; he calls for U.S. troops to begin withdrawing from that awful war, and I agree with his stance on that issue over, say, Clark's non-withdrawal stance.

Edwards has spent the past few years brushing up on his foreign policy credentials by serving on a committee for foreign relations with Jack Kemp for researching democracy in Russia. He has made humanitarian missions to Uganda, Sudan, and other areas, and he has met with world leaders from Germany, Italy, and other countries. With domestic issues, Edwards has a strong record on labor rights and has received the AFL-CIO Paul Wellstone Award for his work; he has also worked to increase the minimum wage, provide rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and, of course, made combatting poverty his pet issue. When he speaks, I believe that he is being genuine in his passion for these domestic problems.

Edwards could beat any GOP candidate in 2008, though McCain and Giuliani would be formidable opponents. He has built-in support in Nevada, Iowa, and South Carolina, making him a favorite in some of the early caucuses and primaries. If you are interested in getting involved with his campaign, local Edwards for president chapters are forming around the country, and yahoogroups has Edwards chapters in almost every state.