Thursday, January 31, 2008

Edwards Supporters for Obama

Is there any remote doubt who, between Clinton and Obama, would carry on John Edwards' compelling vision for economic equality and other issues? Edwards was the candidate who drove Clinton and Obama on their respective domestic and international policies and had the strongest withdrawal plan for Iraq, the best plan to combat global warming, and the most comprehensive universal health care plan. Though Sen. Clinton would make a fine president, she represents the Washington elite and status quo that Edwards has been fighting against.

The best candidate for us Edwards supporters now to back is Sen. Obama, who had the foresight to see that the Iraq War should have never been fought and who shares Edwards' commitment to limit the influence of corporate lobbyists and special interest groups. We Edwards supporters can still make a difference in this race and continue his vision -- but now do so through Obama and his compelling, exciting campaign for changing this country fundamentally.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Adler and Stender Poised to Pick Up Republican Congressional Seats

Here in early 2008, New Jersey Democrats already have reason to be optimistic that two of the best prospects for red-to-blue congressional seats will indeed win in 2008: John Adler and Linda Stender are positioning themselves to win in their respective districts in November. Adler, who is my state senator, recently reported having over $600,000 in campaign cash, while Stender has also reported impressive early numbers.

Republicans are penny-pinched for congressional races in 2008, and the NRCC recently reported only have between $2-$3 million in cash on hand. In these two districts, the top Republican candidates, such as Tom Kean Jr. and Diane Allen, opted out of the race, perhaps because the writing is on the wall concerning how anti-Republican this election will be.

Currently, despite being one of the most liberal states in the country, New Jersey has 6 house seats controlled by Republicans; if Adler and Stender win, that would give New Jersey Democrats 9 house seats to 4 for Republicans, though N.J. stands to lose a congressional seat because of dwindling population numbers. At any rate, I agree with N.J. political reporter Tom Moran when he predicts both of these seats will go Democratic in 2008; both Adler and Stender are high-quality progressive candidates who would represent the state well in Washington.

Update: Congressional Quarterly is now reporting that Alder and Stender are in the top 5 in fundraising and funds available for house seat challengers. Note to DCCC: Go hard after these winnable seats.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Elect John Edwards as President of the Country

With the middle-class squeezed more financially each day, a neverending, illegitimate war in Iraq continuing, and a natural environment that is in crises because of man-made carbon emissions, the country cannot afford another poor president who cannot respond to these crises. Edwards, who has burnished his foreign policy credentials, including serving on a bipartisan Russian commission, traveling to Uganda and Sudan, and meeting world leaders, is the best candidate to address these major problems facing our country, and he should be elected president of the U.S.

For Democrats, Edwards is a candidate who speaks with remarkable candor and clarity on issues, something that Kerry was rightly criticized for not doing in the 2004 presidential contest. Edwards also will defeat any Republican who goes up against him, as shown in poll after poll, presents the opportunity for winning in red states like Kentucky and North Carolina, and would help downticket Democrats win on the national, local and statewide level. Edwards' personal tragedies, including his son's death and Elizabeth's cancer, are things that voters can empathize with and relate that he is a strong, capable person.

With the Iowa caucuses a day away, all of the hard work for Edwards will probably come down to this state and Edwards' possible victory there. With so much emphasis on Iowa and New Hampshire, I sincerely hope that these voters see the wisdom of having Edwards as the Democratic nominee. Our country would be better for it.