Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Haddonfield, Vote Ed Borden for Mayor

Municipal elections and commissioner positions are sometimes not the most flashy or glamorous things in the world. On top of that, residents can be quick to criticize or turn on elected officials if local taxes go up or any other event is deemed "their fault." As someone who is more engaged with state and national politics, I've happily found myself equally engaged in a local election: the 2009 Haddonfield municipal elections.

Ed Borden, who won his first commissioner term four years ago, deserves to be the next Haddonfield mayor, in my estimation. Borden has been proactive in preserving the downtown district, has sought ways to preserve open space without raising taxes, and held down costs of his department, Public Safety. I know that if there is a way to reduce spending while also maintaining services, Borden will find that solution. From talking to him personally, I also know that Borden is deeply involved in borough issues and is well-versed constituent concerns. From a progressive vantage, Borden is pro-environment, as he was the most proactive commissioner in a recent attempt to acquire open space, and he is pro-transparency.

My sense is that the borough needs a new direction, with someone who has the legal expertise and basic understanding of borough and county concerns. Ed Borden should be elected as the next mayor of Haddonfield.

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