Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Corzine and Christie Need to Fill Out Project Vote Smart Questionnaire

At a time when it is decidely hard to pin down politicians' views on specific subjects, Project Vote Smart is an invaluable resource. The web site compiles pertinent quotations on state and national issues from politicians and provides an issue-oriented questionnaire for nearly all potential elected officials in the country. This type of transparency is what should be encouraged.

As of yet, however, neither Jon Corzine or Chris Christie have bothered to fill out the issue-position questionnaire that has been given to both campaigns by Project Vote Smart. In Corzine's defense, he did fill out a questionnaire for his 2000 senate run, but that was nearly nine years ago, and voters need to know his and Christie's views on a variety of state subjects. Fill out those questionnaires, Corzine and Christie.

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