Monday, August 18, 2008

Bayh or Biden?

From what I'm reading online, and the general buzz surrounding vice presidential candidates, it seems that this is now a two-person race between Indiana Senator Evan Bayh and Delaware Senator Joe Biden for Obama's VP. My personal evaluation is that either of these candidates would be attractive ones, but that is a pragmatic assessment more than anything else; I think they would balance the ticket.

First, either one will be unwelcomed by elements of the progressive netroots; both senators supported the Iraq War, with Biden working especially closely with the Bush administration in its initial planning. Both, to be fair, have since basically repudiated their support for the war, and each favors a withdrawal from Iraq.

Biden is from a blue state, with a Democratic governor (Minter), which means that Dems won't lose a senator, should Obama be elected. Bayh is from a Republican-leaning state, with a Republican governor (Daniels, who is leading against Thompson), and would probably be replaced by a Republican. Strategically, it makes sesnse for Biden to be chosen, even over a Jack Reed of Rhode Island (Republican governor), in this regard. Biden, of course, would be in his 70s at the end of Obama's two terms, should Obama win, which would make him a somewhat old presidential candidate.

Both Biden and Bayh would be friends of labor, both would understand the dymanics of the progressive turn of the country; but a presidential election, of course, is based upon who is at the top of the ticket, so perhaps the pick wouldn't have major ramifications one way or another, and this holds true for McCain, too.

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At 3:38 PM, Blogger Trochilus said...

It's going to be Bayh, at least according to Drudge. Someone got the story that a company in Kansas City is printing Obama/Bayh campaign material. Go to Drudge and you can see the bumper sticker.

Too bad!

But, there may be a silver lining in all of this for you. Consider this! at least you could get something out of it, no?

At 6:53 PM, Blogger Trochilus said...

Oh, man! It's worse than you imagined . . . apparently there is now a lot of activity outside the Biden home.

It could be Joe Hairplugs! Nice guy, by the way. I know him. But you might not . . .

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